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Staining Sky-The depth of contamination

According to recent estimates released by the Indian Institute of Technology-Bombay, 6017 people die in Pune every year as a result of air pollution exposure. For every 10 lakh people in the city, 733 die from diseases such as cancer, heart failure and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) caused by pollutants like PM10 (particulate matter […]

Fuel Cell India Press Release

In keeping up with their Commitment & Vision to provide clean and green energy alternatives at an affordable cost, h2e Power Systems / MayurRenergy Solution (a Pune-& Boston-based corporation) in January 2013 signed a contract with the Fraunhofer Institute of Ceramic Technologies and Systems IKTS, Germany, to develop Solid OxideFuel Cell (SOFC) products for the […]

h2e / MRE joins hands with College of Engineering Pune (COEP)

Recognizing the importance of Clean & Renewable Energy to achieve Energy Security which can help in long term development of the country & help the world reduce the Green House Gases; The College of Engineering, Pune (COEP) and Pune based MayurRenergy Solutions Pvt. Ltd.(MRE) today entered into a MOU to work together on Research & […]

The alliance between h2e / MRE & IKTS

In their quest to fulfill the Mission to develop a Solution, which will offer 24×7 Clean, Green, Reliable & Affordable Energy & thus contribute towards achieving Energy Independence in the Country, h2e Power Systems Inc / MayurRenergy Solutions Pvt. Ltd. a Pune & New York based enterprise founded by a Social Entrepreneur Mr. SiddharthMayur, signed […]