Guiding Principles

The existence & core philosophy of the company is based on the foundation of helping every individual become Energy Independent & Secure using Clean & Green Energy Technologies. We are in the business to innovate & make new age technology available to the masses at an affordable cost. Innovation along with basic R&D is what drives the policy & working at h2e.


24x7 Clean, Green Affordable & Reliable Energy for all.


To provide Clean & Green energy using innovative & affordable technologies,
which will help achieve Energy Security & Independence.

Our Foundation

The idea of h2e started with social entrepreneur Siddharth R. Mayur's dream of providing 24x7 power to all. Power, which would not only be clean & green but also reliable & affordable. Technocrat & co-founder Amarnath Chakradeo, who shared a similar vision & was enamored with the idea of helping to provide a respectable life to every human being by making him or her energy secure, joined Siddharth in this journey towards energy self-reliance in 2010.

For over 2 years the team of Siddharth & Amar explored several clean energy technologies from all over the world and finally concluded that Fuel Cell technology had the potential to fulfill their vision. Along with co-founder’s Suresh Sharma, a USA based technology entrepreneur & Mahesh Agashiwala, who is a USA based CPA with over 35 years of experience in Finance & Accounting, they contracted Fraunhofer Institute (IKTS) in Germany to develop a Multi-Fuel Power Generator based on the SOFC (Solid Oxide Fuel Cell technology) for stationary applications viz. Agriculture, Homes, Telecom towers, Data centers etc., which would help them realize their big hairy audacious goal, thus giving birth to the idea called h2e, which means hydrocarbon to energy.

h2e has a mix of youth & experience in its team, which consists of engineers, scientists & technicians. Frugal Innovation is what drives the h2e team. Providing applications, which are inexpensive, easy to operate & which will help solve the customers problems on energy is the focus of h2e’s team.

The founding team of h2e is a very good mix of Entrepreneurship, Technology, Strategy & Experience which has so far ensured the early success of the company while keeping it firmly grounded & focused towards the Vision & Mission the founders set out to achieve.

h2e aims at helping usher in a Clean & Green Revolution in Energy using its proprietary Fuel Cell Generator.

Work Policy

To ensure transparency in business dealings, maintain a law-abiding approach and provide value addition to all Stakeholders.


Taking inspiration from an old adage “It isn’t all over; everything has not been invented; the Human Adventure is just beginning”, we at h2e love to challenge the status quo. We believe in using high end innovations to develop commercial grade products in the Clean & Green energy space & make them affordable for the masses.


At h2e, Sustainability is an all-round phenomenon that is practiced from “Lab to Fab”. We believe in making the entire process of development, implementation, maintenance, disposal & production, simple & sustainable.

We continuously incorporate sustainable practices into the DNA of the company, which include design, installation & servicing of our fuel cell generators while also using the same principles to keep our team agile, smart and ready to innovate & serve our customers. We strive for sustainable business practices. For example, recycle & reuse. Most parts of the Generators will be refurbished & we will re-use certain parts and re-cycle what cannot be used.

Every h2e generator can produce high quality power and heat on a 24x7 basis for several years of continuous operations with near zero noise, no vibrations, no thermal footprint.

Excellence is the result of Caring more than what others think is Wise;
Risking more than what others think is Safe; Dreaming more than what others think is Practical; Expecting more than what others think is Possible.

Siddharth R. Mayur
Founder and Chairman
h2e Power

CRS Program

The CRS program is the center of h2e’s innovation cycle.
Every solution that h2e develops aims at Conserving energy as the first step, followed by Replacing the energy source with a clean & renewable alternativewhich is 24x7 and to finally make the solution Sustainable & Scalable.
Energy Saved is Energy Earned
Energy Requirements with renewable resources
Energy Requirements with renewable resources


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