h2e Power Systems Pvt. Ltd.(India) & CONVION Ltd.(Finland) sign MoU for producing high range Fuel Cells in India

Delhi October 2017

In Picture Mr. Erkko Fontell (CEO, Convion), Mr. Siddharth R Mayur (CEO, h2e Power Systems), Honourable Minister of Energy, Environment & Housing Finalnd Mr. Mr. Kimmo Tiilikainen & Finland’s Ambassador to India Ms. Nina Vaskunlahti

h2e Power Systems & Convion, the two dedicated fuel cell companies have signed an MoU over cooperation with a mission to provide renewable and clean power source to Indian markets. h2e Power Systems Pvt. Ltd., India’s first home grown fuel cell company with a focus on rural India & Agriculture established cooperation with Convion, a Finnish company, pioneering the integration & development of multi-fuel capable fuel cell systems in the power range of 50kW and above to bring continuous and dependable clean and green energy solutions to rural and urban India.

Fuel cell technology developed by the h2ePower Systems and Convion provides highly efficient, emission free and reliable power to consumers. When fueled with biogas the produced energy is 100% renewable without additional greenhouse gas impact. In contrast to other renewable power sources, fuel cells are a continuous and controllable power source, which is available independent of the season or the time of day. Continuously operated fuel cell is an essential component for modern power grids in which both consumption and generation are controlled efficiently as a “smart grid”.

For urban areas fuel cell provide clean, on-site power generation, which is available without transmission loss from the grid and which is independent from grid disturbances. Thus, both energy efficiency as well as power security of the customer can be improved. For remote locations, not connected to the grid, fuel cell provides reliable power from locally produced biogas. In India alone over 400.000 villages suffer from a lack of good quality & reliable electricity. Fuel cells enable power generation in remote locations without significant investments in grid infrastructure.

The MoU was signed in the presence of the Mr. Kimmo Tiilikainen, Honourable Minister for Housing, Energy and the Environment, Government of Finland and her excellency Ms. Nina Vaskunlahti, Ambassador of Finland to India who were representing the Finnish business and ministerial delegation at a joint event organized by Finpro, Embassy of India, New Delhi and FICCI, New Delhi.

h2e was represented by Mr. Siddharth R Mayur, Founder President and CEO, while Convion was represented by Mr. Erkko Fonten, CEO who jointly addressed the participants, identifying the potential of the technology in India; their vision of SMART VILLAGES and rural development in line with India’s Prime Minister’s Mr. Narendra Modi’s Pan-India Energy Strategy; and opportunities for leveraging Indo-Finnish collaboration in the field of clean technologies for realizing India’s economic aspirations; to sustainably meeting its energy demands and making it a global leader in climate action.

To strengthen the commercialization of the fuel cell products in Rural India & agriculture, and the cooperation between Convion and h2e Power Systems, Jain Irrigation Systems Ltd., second largest Micro-irrigation company in the world & India’s first Agriculture Multi National Corporation, has agreed to incorporate fuel cells as part of their modern and sustainable agriculture strategy for small and marginalized farmers in India as well as for food processing industry & hi-end contract farming will install India’s first biogas based 50kW fuel cell system developed jointly by Convion & h2e at their R&D facilities in Jalgaon. This installation will be a showcase for sustainable waste to energy model for establishing “circular economies” across rural India, aiding development of Smart villages & modern agriculture.

“We are excited by the opportunities the cooperation will open for Convion. The business synergies between the parties, combined with local presence and access to the vast Indian market, provide unique opportunities otherwise difficult to pursue. Indian market will challenge us all, but success in India will support our commercialization efforts globally” commented Erkko Fontell, the CEO of Convion.

“The FuelCell technology can help India and other developing nations leapfrog to Energy Security. With this belief, we have been innovating for the last 9 years and we now have a solution for every need in the Country. While our focus has been on stationary power solutions in the range of 200W to 10kW for applications in agriculture, telecom towers, defense, individual homes, cathodic protection; our partnership with Convion will bring with us the expertise on larger systems (50kW & above). Bringing energy security to rural India is the principal focus of h2e. we are looking forward to making a difference to the lives of millions who live in energy starved conditions “commented Siddharth R Mayur, the Founder & CEO of h2e power Systems

h2e Power Systems (www.h2epower.net) is Headquartered in New York, USA with a research & manufacturing base for systems in Pune, India & a manufacturing base for SOFC stacks in Dresden, Germany, h2e is a CleanTech company with a focus on developing cutting edge technology solutions, which will help achieve energy independence & energy security. In technology partnership with Fraunhofer IKTS, it has commissioned India’s first SOFC system in India. It is also essentially the only company in the world working on developing dedicated fuel cell solutions tailored for agriculture. h2e is an end to end solutions company having its presence in the entire value chain of Fuel Cell.

Convion is a leading fuel cell system provider committed to commercialize fuel cell products in power range above 50kW for onsite power generation. Convion has significant expertise in fuel cell industry and SOFC (solid oxide fuel cell) system development. Since year 2000 Convion people have developed and operated several generations of 20kW and 50kW power units fuelled by natural gas and biogas. With the competence and commitment of Convion team, we will provide fuel cell products that meet customer needs with high energy efficiency, power security and independence. Low emissions and CHP capability of Convion products provide sustainable and environmentally sound power solutions for distributed power generation applications.


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