At h2e, our products are developed to deliver ultra-clean distributed power which is economical, reliable & efficient while being environmentally friendly at the same time. The Solid Oxide Fuel Cell Generator technology used by us, gives us a clear advantage over other forms of distributed power generation technologies. 

h2e offers

h2e can offer wide range of fuel cell based power generators to meet the combined heat and power demand or only power demand depending upon the requirement.

Product Specifications

h2e’s product range can fulfill energy demand of various market segments:
h2e can provide 1-3 kWe fuel cell generators for food processing, cold storages, green house and farms.
h2e can provide 0.5-5 kWe fuel cell generators for apartments, Villas, high end homes, small,
medium & rural households.

h2e can provide 1-10 kWe fuel cell generators for small commercials, hospitals, office buildings, schools/colleges, telecom towers & small/medium enterprises & small industries.


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